Our Team

The Port Vet team is dedicated to providing you with the best service
in a friendly, professional manner.

At Port Veterinary Clinic we understand how strong the human-animal bond is; we experience that pleasure everyday in both our personal and professional lives. 
It is our delight to join with our clients in recognizing and appreciating each animal for their
unique qualities and special gifts.  
At Port Vet Clinic we continually challenge ourselves, to be receptive to new ideas, and to ensure client comfort and understanding.  We are never too busy to answer a question, share an experience, or offer a word of encouragement.

 Annamarie Dittmar, DVM:

 Dr. Dittmar has wanted to become a vet since she was in the 3rd grade. 
She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1981 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.  Getting her B.S. in Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Annamarie was a member of the Alpha Psi Fraternity, an Honor Society. Pathology has been a strong interest of hers.
Right after college she got a job at a small clinic in Mosinee Wisconsin where she worked on large and small animals.  After one winter out in  barns at 2 in the morning she decided that maybe “small animal” was the direction she wanted to go.

In 1982 Annamarie started her own business in Port Washington as a small animal veterinarian where she resides today.

Married in 1983 to Richard Botsch, they had 3 children, Brendan, Lindsay and Katie.  All her children still live at home. She divorced in 2003 and now runs the home, family,kids and business on her own.
Annamarie attends continuing education at the Western Veterinary Conference each year, where she keeps updated on her interests.

Specializing in reproduction she is skilled in artificial insemination and frozen and chilled semen implants. Show breeders from Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan count on her expertise. She also has a strong cliental in bunnies.  Show breeders from all over the state count on her knowledge of rabbits. Her other areas of experience include ACL surgeries and dermatology.
In her spare time Annamarie plays French Horn for the Port Washington City Band, Port Lakeshore Symphonic Band, and Irish Fest Music Orchestra.  She has been involved in playing horns and the organ since 1966.

Annamarie is the president of the Blue Heron Wildlife Refuge in Saukville Wisconsin. It is 100 acres of rolling hills and trees set on the Milwaukee River, all for the preservation of wildlife. She cares for their medical needs.

Hobbies that are of great interest to Annamarie, and that she is very talented in are painting, sewing and stained glass artistry.

Her unending compassion for animals has given her the direction of making veterinary care an option that everyone can afford to care for their pets. Which in this economy is more important than ever.


 Bethany J. Berger: Office Manager

 Bethany started her love for animals at a very young age.  Living next door to Jane Baetz gave her no choice.  She would sink or swim, and she decided to swim thru the sea of dogs when she would come to visit.  By 3 years old she was helping Jane train show dogs.  When Bethany turned 12 she was introduced to the Port Vet Clinic. Starting out in the kennel area cleaning up poop and pee,walking dogs and sweeping floors. She worked her way up to working in front and answering the phone by the time she was 16 and at that point got a real job, and paycheck.

During the school year she worked a few weekends, and it was her summer job when school let out for the year.

As a young kid Bethany had various pets including dogs, a horse which she showed, rabbits, Chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish. She graduated from UW Stevens Point in May of 2007 with a BS degree in teaching. Her majors were History and Broad Field Social Science and a minor in Math.

In the summer when off from college she continued to work at the clinic, getting valuable experience and education.

Her love for animals and the fact that teaching jobs were scarce brought her back to Port Vet full time after graduation. She bought a house in Cedarburg. Now she is hooked and we are hoping she stays on as she is a valuable employee, being the only person that works full time, and is responsible for our organization of the clinic and making sure everything runs smoothly. This is why she was given the title of Office Manager.

In her free time Bethany shows dogs.  Her pride and joy Ch. Sasquatch Talk About Me, call name Toby,  has been taken to the ranking of “Top 10 Bassets” in the country.  She is Co-Owner and Breeder on all the Olde Fashion Bassets along with Jane.




Susan Klein

Born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin always had a love for animals large & small.  Worked as a stable hand with horses, ponies, mules and goats before going to UW La Crosse for board field music education. Worked as a teaching assistant for the beginning band music program and as a Travel Consultant for 31 years.  With the down sizing in the travel business due to public internet access she was set a drift to Port Veterinary Clinics benefit.  Asked to temproarily assist with filing and organization, she started striaghtening the hard copy folders and reorganized the filing system. She has now become a full time member of the staff doing what ever needs to be done.


Growing up, Sue had dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, pigs, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, birdds, fish, turtles and ducks. Now she sticks with mostly with cats however Katie (the Australian Calltle Dog) has made her home with Sue's troop.

For recreation, Sue plays with the Lakeshore Symphonic Band, Port Washingtom City Band, Cedarburg Civic Band, the River City Irregulars and the Irish Fest Mass of Peace & Justice.Sue also uses her musical talent in the pit orchestra in the area.

  Jennifer Moore

  Jennifer moved to Port Washington in the fall of 1996 after attending UW-Stout for a General Buisness Administration degree. Jennifer had a cockapoo and various field mice, voles, and fish as a child at home in Door County, but hasn’t had another pet since moving to Port Washington. 

Jennifer had spent 10 years working in the industrial manufacturing sector as an Engineering Assistant for a Mequon manufacturing company, but lost that position in the economic collapse of 2008-2009. Two years of fruitless searching and a birthday party later, Jennifer joins the Port Veterinary Staff by tackling records management, and assisting with the front desk operations. She’s also known to jump out of her corner and lend a hand with the animals. 

She loves living in Port Washington with her men, Micah and Cian. When not at the clinic she is playing her clarinet in the Lakeshore Symphonic Band, Port Washington City Band, or Port Summer Theatre. You might also find her wandering through the various Port festivals, the farmer’s market, W.J. Niederkorn library, or playing at Possibility Playground with Cian.