RX Refills

RX Refills

Prescription refills are available for most products. Most medications, such as ear drops or antibiotics, require refills for only a short period of time. Some, such as heartworm preventive medication, thyroid supplements, may require lifetime use and will be refilled for longer periods of time. The maximum length of time that a product can be refilled is six months. After this time, an examination is required. Depending on the reason for the refill, blood work may also be required. If refills are needed, please call ahead and leave your pet's name and the needed medication. The doctors will make sure that the prescription can be refilled and prepare it for you, so it is ready upon your arrival.

EMAIL:  portvetclinic@yahoo.com

Specific notes about prescription products:

  • Heartworm preventive medication is either dispensed for one year or refillable for up to one year. A yearly blood test for heartworm disease is needed prior to refilling the medication for your dogs.
  • Call to request refills. The doctor will check your pet's chart and authorize the refill.
  • Refills can then be ready for you to pick-up.•The doctors will determine the number of refills available for your pet.
  • Some medications do not require refills.
  • Some pets MUST be seen to authorize refills; some pets require additional blood testing.
  • All pets will require examinations and blood testing in order to fill prescriptions.

The doctor and staff at the Port Vet Clinic strive to provide the best medicine and service possible for your pets and you. We understand that it can be difficult at times to bring your pet in for examination and that requesting a refill of medication may seem to be the simplest means to provide care for your pet. So, if possible, we are happy to offer refills. However, there are times that the needs of your pet require the pet to be seen. The doctor will advise you as to whether a refill is available, or if the animal needs to be examined prior to dispensing the medication.